Latest Work

My most recent work. Pictures and descriptions will stay on this page for a couple of weeks and then be moved to the appropiate page.

Warm brown plate with yellow and black stringers. Gold dichroic accents add a rich element to this beautiful work. Measures approximatley 10.5" x 11".


Shipping available.


Edge Bowl

14" diameter, 3/8" thick. This bowl took about 5 hours to assemble and then two firings. Stunning!


Shipping is available.

"Chasing the Blue Hearts"

A continuation of my "Bart" collection.. This one measures about 12" x 12". Includes wall mounts.


Mean Green

Another "Mean Green" bowl. 14" diameter with cold fused feet.


Shipping is available.


May 22, 2008

Black and yellow weave. Aproximatley 8" x 8".


Shipping available


"Edge" fused glass bowl. 14" diameter, 3/8" thick.


Retro bowl

Approx 12" diameter.