I love to sail!


Sailboat magnets. Available on black or blue base color. Sailboat designs will vary but all are cool! Order either with magnet or velcro.



$16.95 ea and includes shipping.


Dichroic sailboat pendants on black glass. These are one of my best selling pendants! Each pendant will vary as dichroic glass is very unique. I fuse a glass bail onto these which is better than metal glued on bails. Soft 16" cord also included.


Please specifiy either round or square pendant.


$28.00 and includes shipping.


How to order!

You can order by phone. 800-283-0593 I take Visa, MC and Discover. I'm in my studio Monday through Friday from 9 - 5 Pacific time. I also accept Paypal. Use neoglassic@peak.org