Unique, one of a kind, dichroic jewelry and fused glass.

Hello, and welcome to my Earth2Glass website. This site is an extension of my professional studio website, http://www.neoglassic.com I own a full service studio in Medford, Oregon. I teach many levels of stained glass, sell a full range of supplies and provide custom work.

My name is Andrew Tillinghast and I have been working with glass for over 27 years. I started out with stained and leaded glass and still make custom windows, doorways, skylights and more. In the past couple of years, I have expanded my interests into the warm glass world. Unique dichroic jewelry and woven glass bowls have captured my imagination. Each piece of jewelry that I create is unique in that it is one of a kind and I never duplicate a piece of work. The same holds true for my woven bowls and fused wall art.


Please take some time to travel through this sight and view my work. All my work is for sale and my site is updated as often as possible.


Contact me: neoglassic@peak.org